Combine a co-living village + a coworking space + free learning space for children (also known as unschooling) all integrated harmoniously in nature, open to everyone who wants to live consciously and give their unique gifts to the world at large. 



We live by this moto: Know yourself, think and act accordingly and share the gift to as many people as possible.

Nature and technology

Far from excluding technology and come back to “the cave era” we embrace new technologies that are respectful with our environment, help to restore it and amplify all our actions for a massive global scale.

Hubud Cowo in Bali

Hubud Cowo in Bali

Connected inside and outside

When you know who you truly are and what’s your purpose in life you can use digital connections to amplify your gift. Technology is here to help us make a better and greater impact to the world at large. 



A note on the architecture

All building will be self-sustainable and ecologically restorative. All buildings will be following the biophilic design principles. Houses should not be boxes that break the ecosystem, but spaces to help us connect with our natural true environment.

Keemala Hotel

Co-living Village

Each individual, couple or family will have its own fully equipped house. The houses shall not be too close to each other, but not too far so you can feel the sense of village and community. Green Village is a great example that we love. There will be long term members and a small percentage >20% of the houses dedicated to short term stays. This will ensure a sense of community and at the same time keep getting in new ideas and perspectives from new short term members or visitors.


Co-working hub

Co-working areas where freelancers and entrepreneurs can be connected and work remotely. Startups can incubate and flourish. Some areas can be open to everyone, so our kids and teens can see (and participate!) with the business that are being developed as there is no better way to learn than doing something with passion. When you need maximum concentration and make calls, there will also be a silence area. Separate offices for teams would also be available. A continuous program in the conference center must be developed to keep learning and sharing.

education 08.jpg


We believe that our offspring should be able to learn freely on a self-organized path (just as the grown-ups do). It is also known as unschooling. The whole community with its communal spaces should be the campus, not only for the kids, but for all individuals as we are constantly discovering new passions and learning new skills. The concept of the SudburyValley School inspires us a lot!


Comunal spaces

Chill-out area, yoga and meditation hub, fitness and well being, swimming pool, lots of playgrounds, workshops (wood, clay, iron, 3D printing, robotics,…), music rooms, arts studio…

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