I'm a musician,... or photographer, or..

… ok, for those who don't know me yet, I'm a musician, a violinist, although I don't make my living out of it anymore, I am a photographer and a creative director, developing ideas for classical music. And, if you would like to know what exactly I do and why I dedicate my life to it, just go on reading!




If you have looked through the rest of my personal website, you will already know that I worked several years as a violinistIn fact, since I was a kid, classical music has always been a part of my life, as well as images.

Whilst I was working as a musician, I always used visual metaphors to understand the music, and shared them with my fellow musicians of my string quartet during rehearsals.This is probably why I started to bring my camera to the rehearsals, because I wanted, in a way, to capture music in photo form.

Very soon I wanted more than to just capture what was there. I felt that there could be a way to explain music language visually, to translate music into visual concepts.   

me, in a pre-lighting set

me, in a pre-lighting set


During all these years I saw, and experienced first hand, that there was a huge necessity for musicians to be more visible, to have strong images that could help them to communicate their way of thinking and living the music. 

And as a musician who knows these necessities and understands the musical language, I realized that I could help musicians and record labels to communicate their ideas and values through audiovisual mediums, and help them to be more visible. 

At this point I co-founded Molina Visuals, where, together with other very creative people, we make all of this possible by providing visual consultancy services to musicians and record labels and by producing photos, videos, websites and graphic design that explain part of the incredibly rich and profound music that they accompany. 

For me as a musician it is an enormous pleasure and honor to work with some of the greatest musicians of our time. Furthermore, I feel incredibly lucky that I can live my passion, which is communicating through image.