Why to dunk a violin in the water?

Upon seeing the video, everyone has the same question:

“Did you actually put Ex-“Vieuxtemps” underwater?!”

Before anyone decides to seek revenge for harming one of the most iconic and costliest violins in existence, the answer is no.

Preparing the stunt violin

We purchased an older-looking violin on eBay to become the Guarneri’s “stunt violin.” Our team had to find a way to varnish the inside of the violin to protect it from the water; otherwise, the glue would have dissolved and we would not have been able to use the violin for all of the shots we needed.

Interestingly—and almost hauntingly—the violin itself survived. After the video shoot was over and it was dried and put away, it not only still plays, it is still in tune. It’s as if it is waiting, hoping that Anne will come to play it again.


Once they breathe a sigh of relief, the next question is always,

“But did you really put Anne Akiko Meyers in a river?!”

That answer is yes. Want to know how Anne lived this experience? Read her blog post.



In performing the Triple Concerto, a piece that Vivaldi actually wrote for three violins, Anne's interpretation is extraordinary, as she plays all three parts. That is an element that I wanted to highlight from the moment we began collaborating on this project. How could we visually represent an interpretation like that?

Three in one, the same song three times in different states, the same instrument in different sounds—the Triple Concerto is three voices:

melody is water

plucking is snow 

arpeggio is vapor

Water, in its three states, represents each of the three parts of the music, all of them coming together like the trinity in the one body of the artist. At the same time, the artist is to become one with the music and with the water.

Very soon I'll share with you some behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot. Stay tuned!


Anne was a delight to work with on this concept because she understood from the very beginning what we wanted to represent. One of the most difficult feats of the video shoot was the final scene in which the artist descends into the water. We had to get that shot in one take, otherwise we would have risked a delay in drying her off, reapplying her makeup and hair, and having her gown cleaned. Ever the professional, Anne did a flawless job of it, despite the cold temperature!


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