This circle is where I live and thrive.

This is the place from where I’m giving my gift to the world.


I dream about a world where technology exists with total simbiosis with nature. A world where the objects we interact with, blend with the natural beauty of our planet. Houses are not boxes anymore but spaces that help us to connect with our true natural environment and helps us to re-member who we are.”

Josep Molina



Co-founder of the First Coworking space in Costa Tropical, Spain. He designed and build the space.

Spiritual book for children about discovering who they truly are and their power to create the life experience they want.

His first Business. Founder of The Creative Agency for Classical Music.

His way to start giving back. Free beautiful imagery of classical music instruments for a future with "No more violins with scores and red roses" 

A practical tool for musicians and humans in general that want to know more about their personal brand.